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Can you name which character is more mentioned?

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Stannis or Tywin
Arya or Daenerys
Qhorin or Yoren
Cersei or Jaime
Jon or Tyrion
Balon Swann or Boros Blount
Petyr or Varys
Irri or Missandei
Emmon Frey or Merrett Frey
Ramsay or Roose
Daario or Hizdahr
Aerys II or Rhaegar
Jeor or Jorah
Gilly or Ygritte
Sarella Sand or Tyene Sand
Jojen or Meera
Bran or Sansa
Joffrey or Robert Baratheon
Balon Greyjoy or Euron Greyjoy
Harren Hoare or Leathers
Alys Karstark or Arnolf Karstark
Arthur Dayne or Lyanna Stark
Catelyn or Eddard
Big Walder or Little Walder
Nestor Royce or Yohn Royce

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