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Can you name the ethnic group these house belonged 'originally'? (Andal, Crannogmen, Essosi, First Men, Iron Born, Rhoynar or Valyrian?)

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House Stark
House Martell
House Tyrell
House Blackwood
House Blacktyde
House Velaryon
House Bracken
House Arryn
House Brax
House Redwyne
House Manderly
House Harlaw
House Bar Emmon
House Lannister
House Flint
House Yronwood
House Caron
House Baelish
House Rowan
House Kenning
House Lefford
House Banefort
House Santagar
House Celtigar
House Greyjoy
House Hightower
House Baratheon
House Targaryen
House Royce
House Tully
House Tarth
House Dayne
House Estermont
House Vance
House Reed
House Grafton

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