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contract killer. The world's deadliest, most discrete and skilled assassin.
Agent 47's pet
One of 'The Agency' members, providing Agent 47 with clients, targets, and information.
A journalist who writes the story of the catching of 47
A former FBI director, who claimed to find and kill the great 47
The 'Swing King'. The owner of Southland Amusement Park and the target in the mission Death of a Showman.
The leader of a Baltimore street gang dealing in cocaine production and distribution. Appears in 'Death Of A Showman'
Swing King's Assistant and secretary. Appears in 'Death Of A Showman'
Chilean winemaker, drug lord and target in 'A Vintage Year'
the son of the Chilean winemaker. Target in 'A Vintage Year'
One of the world's greatest opera singers. Target in 'Curtains Down'
The U.S ambassador to the Vatican and a target on the mission 'Curtains Down'
Tosca's actor. Is not a target, but he can be used to shoot the target with the real WWI Pistol. Appears in 'Curtains Down'
CIA Agent. Appears in a rehab clinic in 'Flatline' level
the 'brains and the bankroll' of the Las Vegas mafia and a multi-millionaire gambler. Target in 'Flatline'
Italian-American mafioso and primarily an arms dealer working out of Central America. Target in 'Flatline'. Is the guy in green
Italian-American mafioso and primarily an arms dealer working out of Central America. Target in 'Flatline'. Is the guy in pink
a.k.a. 'Slugger'. A former Cuban crime lord. Target in 'A New Life'
The girl who have a microfilm hidden in her necklace. Appears in 'A New Life'
His real name is Alex Feister. An alcoholic clown and former assassin that appears in the mission 'A New Life'
A doctor responsible for 47's creation. Murdered by 47
the Secretary of Interior in the United States of America. 47 must protect him in the mission 'A Murder Of Crows'
Dressed as a Red Crow, he is a employed who works by the Franchise and for the Crows. Appears in 'The Murder Of Crows'
One of the co-leaders of The Crows. He was the second albino clone produced by the Franchise and the predecessor of Mark Parchezzi III. Target in 'The Murder Of Crows'
A woman employed who works by the Crows. She is a primary target for Agent 47 in the mission 'The Murder of Crows'
An Assassin employed who work by the Crows. He looks like a Black Crow. Target in 'The Murder Of Crows'
A publisher of the pornographic magazine Popqurn and owner of strip clubs across the country. Main Target in 'You Better Watch Out...'
Son of a candidate for President of the United States. Target in 'You Better Watch Out...'
Unknown female assassin. Hidden target in 'You Better Watch Out...'
Captain of the 'Emily' steamboat and leader of the Gator Gang. Main target in 'Death On the Mississippi'
Member of the Gator Gang
Member of the Gator Gang
Member of the Gator Gang
Member of the Gator Gang
Member of the Gator Gang
Member of the Gator Gang
'Pappy'. Leader of the 'Blue Crabs' and/or 'Blue Claws' drug syndicate. Main target in 'Till Death Do Us Part'
'Buddy'. Emily Captain's son. Target in 'Till Death Do Us Part'
Pappy's daughter and fiance of 'Buddy'. Appears in 'Till Death Do Us Part'
a.k.a 'the Sheikh'. Is a rather large man, usually seen with his signature robes and his sunglasses, not even removing the latter when inside the casino. Main target in 'A House of
A brilliant scientist and the real brains behind APRIX. Target in 'A House of Cards'
An Afrikaner white supremacist from South Africa. Target in 'A House of Cards'
A woman located outside room 703 in the Shamal Hotel & Casino, extremely intoxicated. Appears in 'A House Of Cards'
A corrupt CIA agent who is selling guns to his lover. Target in 'A Dance with the Devil'
A famous Romanian circus performer and party hostess around Nevada, having become a self-made millionaire. Target in 'A Dance with the Devil'
A beautiful assassin sent by The Franchise to kill 47, and is masquerading as the singer onstage at the Heaven party on the top floor of the Shark Club. Hidden target in 'A Dance w
A member of the The Franchise assassin's sent to eliminate Agent 47, though, unlike other Franchise assassins, he introduced himself to 47 in order duel against him one-on-one. Hid
He was the acting U.S. Vice President after his predecessor, Spaulding Burke died in a car accident. Target in 'Amendment XXV'
An albino clone, member of the Franchise. Main target in 'Amendment XXV'
President of USA. The Vice President tried to kill him
Targets in 'Requiem'. Wheelchair man's staff.
He has been hired to perform a ceremony for the recently deceased Agent 47. Target in 'Requiem'

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