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Can you name the phrases that contain the name of an item of food?

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MeaningFood PhraseFood Category
a piece of _____ (an easily-completed task) SNACK
a ____ in the _____ (pregnant)SNACK
in a _______ (a concise summary) SNACK
like taking _____ from a _____ (very easily achieved)SNACK
the _____ on the ______ (an extra benefit in addition to an already good result/situation)SNACK
go ____ - shaped (when things go wrong or create an unwanted result)FRUIT & VEG
a _____ _______ (a lazy person, who spends lots of time sitting down watching TV)FRUIT & VEG
a case of _____ ______ (disparage or deny the desirability of something that you are jealous of someone else achieving) FRUIT & VEG
as cool as a _________ (very calm and unfazed)FRUIT & VEG
_____ pick (selectively choose the most favourable option(s), leaving the less favourable for others)FRUIT & VEG
MeaningFood PhraseFood Category
like ____ off a _____ ______ (unaffected by something, esp. criticism)MEAT & DAIRY
______ dressed as _____ (an older person trying to appear younger than they are)MEAT & DAIRY
a bad _____ (an unpleasant person) MEAT & DAIRY
like ____ and _____ (when two people are very different to each other) MEAT & DAIRY
a different _____ of ______ (a totally dissimilar thing)MEAT & DAIRY
rub ____ in the ______ (add to someone’s existing pain or suffering)CONDIMENT
hit the ______ (drink too much alcohol, often on a regular basis, and often in response to a bad situation)CONDIMENT
on the _____ _____ (get considerable income from a job or elsewhere with little effort needed)CONDIMENT
_____ it up (make something more interesting/exciting)CONDIMENT
take with a _____ of ______ (accept a statement but remain sceptical as to its truth)CONDIMENT

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