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In which year did the Hindenburg Disaster occur?
Which country’s flag has a red dragon on a green and white background?
How many milliliters are there in a quarter of a litre?
In the UK, which phone company offers its members 2 for 1 cinema tickets on Wednesdays?
In 1943, what were the titles of the leaders George VI, Winston, and Franklin? (____, ____ ____, ____)
What is the first name of the director of Rear Window and Vertigo?
In which year did Sega release the first Sonic the Hedgehog game?
What was Joseph Merrick better known as?
What was the name of the hellish series of paintings by William Blake between 1805 and 1810, intended for use as Bible illustrations? (Hint: see question 2)
What is the first name of the mobster played by James Gandolfini?

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