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Which character is played by...
Jason Nesmith 
Alexander Dane 
Gwen DeMarco 
Tommy Webber 
Fred Kwan 
Guy Fleegman 
Which (real life) actor plays...
Jason Nesmith 
Alexander Dane 
Gwen DeMarco 
Tommy Webber 
Fred Kwan 
Trivia Questions
What is the name of the Galaxy Quest ship? 
What is the race of aliens that the crew helps? 
Who is the enemy who is attacking this race? 
What do the aliens mistake the Galaxy Quest transmissions for? 
What powers the Galaxy Quest ship? 
What is Jason's catchphrase? 
What is Alexander's catchphrase? 
What’s is Gwen’s character’s job on the ship? 
What device on the ship can turn back time by 13 secs? 
What device is used to transport Jason from the surface of the planet? 
What is one of the two aliens that attack Jason on the planet? 
In which episode does Guy die? (episode number) 
What is Guy worried he doesn’t have? 
Complete the quote...
- 'I played ____ ____, There were 5 ____ _____, I was an actor once, now look at me, look at me!' 
- 'My TV Guide interview was 6 paragraphs about my _____, and how they fit into my _____.' 
- 'We’re approaching in five ticks sir. Command to slow?' - 'Set it on _______ __.' 
- 'Are you enjoying your Kep-mok bloodticks Dr Lazarus?' - 'Just like ___ ____ __ ____' 
- 'Let’s get out of here, before one of those things ____ ___' 
- 'I know - you construct a weapon, look around you, can you form sort of ________ _____?' 
- 'It’s all real.' - 'Oh My God, _ ____ __!' 
- 'I’m just a glorified extra Fred. I’m a dead man anyway. If I’m gonna die, I’d rather go out a hero than a coward' - 'Guy, maybe you’re the _____ ____ _____?' 
- 'And what you fail to realise is that my ship is ______ _____' 
- 'Give him a big hand. He’s _______' 

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