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Revives a motion that has been laid on the table
Sends a motion to a smaller group of people
Reverses the Decision of Chair
Turning 1 motion into 2 or more motions
Reverse Action on a motion
Number Required for an organization to do Business
Questions relating to personal comfort
Close the Meeting
Alters A Motion
Take a Break from a Meeting
Sets what time the next meeting is
If a member recognizes a serious rule being broken
Motion maker taking back a motion
Kills a Motion
Alters the amount of debates or length of debate
Believing a motion should not be discussed
Bringing Business Before an Assembly
Hold off action for an undeterrmined amount of time
1/2 Members present +1/ What it takes to pass most motions
Asking a Question relating to Chapter Business
Act again on a motion
Requesting a recorded vote
Delays action on a motion for a determined time
Closes Debate and Forces A Vote

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