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Forced Order
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2014 vocal queens
Monsta X and WJSN
Haven't debuted yet officially, members have had solo projects
Only band under JYP now
SM group with no member changes
Fandom Let's
JBJ's debut song is their fandom name
Re-debuted and started their own company
The longest lasting group without member changes
YG trio whose upcoming come back y'all should support
1st generation group that came back after 16 years
Got their first win six days after debut
Lost two members in car accident
Won 'Best New Male Artist' over EXO and B.A.P on MAMA 2012
Went from cute to badass
Lost three members in October 2017
Team B
Group consisted of members who left EXID
Debuted with Woojjujju
Kings of kpop
Vocal queens who debuted in 2006
Debuted in Japan with 'One More Time'
Took them the longest to get their first win (with sub unit)
Had their Goodbye in January 2017
2/3 of Triple H
They got more popular after slipping on wet stage multiple times

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