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What is the Enterprise's velocity when it undergoes an emergency saucer separation while following the Q object?
How many crew members were aboard the Tsiolkovsky when they died?
What did the Ligonian leader call his wife?
What were the main weapons the Ferengi used when the Enterprise encountered them in 2364?
From what planet was 'The Traveler?'
What two species that appear in 'Lonely Among Us' are mortal enemies who have applied to become members of the Federation?
What species does the Enterprise visit in 'Justice?'
What was Captain Picard's old ship's name?
Who gets stabbed in 'Hide and Q?'
What was the name of the man who was supposed to marry Deanna Troi?
Who was the main holographic antagonist in 'The Big Goodbye?'
What is Data's home planet?
What is the name of the planet in Season 1, episode 14?
What is the name of the hologram with whom RIker falls in love in '11001001?'
What is the name of the Starfleet Admiral around whom the 'Too Short a Season' story is based?
Who were the people that kidnapped children from the Enterprise in 'When the Bough Breaks?'
What planet is being terraformed in 'Home Soil?'
What is the name of the Benzite whom Wesley befriends in 'Coming of Age?'
What Star Trek: Enterprise actor has a role in 'Heart of Glory?'
Who is left in command of the Enterprise when Picard, Riker, and several other crewmembers are trapped on Minos?
Who can be seen waving goodbye when Picard and Crusher leave the cargo bay at the end of 'Symbiosis?'
What two crewmembers are stranded on Vegra II?
When did 'We'll Always Have Paris' air?
Who is the host to the mother creature of the neural parasite that infiltrates Starfleet Command?
When were the three people the Enterprise discovered in 'The Neutral Zone' frozen?
What does Deanna Troi name her son?
What was the name of the alien that kidnapped the Enterprise in 'Where Silence Has Lease?'
What holographic antagonist is introduced in 'Elementary, Dear Data?'
What is Okona's first name?
What Star Trek: Enterprise actor has a role in 'Loud as a Whisper?'
On what planet did Doctor Ira Graves live?
Whose age increases drastically and causes him/her to nearly die?
To what ship does Riker transfer as part of the Klingon-Federation personnel exchange?
Who does Captain Picard find on Starbase 173?
How old was Salia, the new leader of Daled IV, when she came to power?
What ship was destroyed in 'Contagion?'
What star system is the Enterprise surveying?
From how far into the future is the other Picard?
What is Riker's father's name?
What is Data's 'pen-pal's' name?
How many light years did the Enterprise travel when Q decided to give them a preview of what was to come?
What is the catch-phrase of the Pakleds that the Enterprise encounters?
What illness does Worf contract in 'Up the Long Ladder?'
How many episodes had been released for the Star Trek franchise before 'Manhunt?'
What is Worf's first mate's name?
What ship does the Enterprise face in the war-game simulation?
What is the TV term that describes the type of episode that 'Shades of Gray' was?

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