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BookCharacterExtra Heading
The TenCarries Hercules
The TenCan tell if someone is lying
The TenCreates tornados
The TenHas a scar that changed the color of his eye
The TenPyro maniac
The TenUses a crossbow...a lot!
The TenSuper fast!
The TenWrites and uses a shotgun
The TenMarried to a Tyler
The TenColor Changer
ALLDesmond's Rival
The TenBlackswan's Rival
The TenDesmond's Guard
Bucker and FlinchThe man with sensitive skin
Bucker and FlinchThe man without a face
Wisdom TeethOnce dated Ricky Acorn
Call me McCabbageDoesn't like dogs
Out of TouchOne of the twins
Out of TouchOne of the twins
Out of TouchSecond eldest son of Satan
BookCharacterExtra Heading
Out of TouchThe devil
Out of TouchEldest son of Satan
The TenInventor
Isaac ArkingtonSixth Headmaster
Isaac ArkingtonFifth Headmaster
Isaac ArkingtonFourth Headmaster
Isaac ArkingtonThird Headmaster
Isaac ArkingtonSecond Headmaster
Isaac ArkingtonFirst Headmaster
Adel FrottWizard
Out of TouchMeddler
Wisdom TeethOnce an acorn, now a man
Wisdom TeethAlicia's friend
Wisdom TeethNot polite
Wisdom TeethRival of Ricky
Wisdom TeethSage
Wisdom TeethOne of Solomon's Minions
Jack and RogerOne of Satan's twin sons
Jack and RogerOne of Satan's twin sons

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