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Can you name the things that happened between 1880 and 1885?

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The first electric streetlight is installed in this city of Indiana.February 2 1880
William Ewart Gladstone defeats this man to become Prime Minister of the United Kingdom for the second time.April 18 1880
France annexes this island.June 29 1880
Abdur Rahman Khan becomes Emir of this country.July 22 1880
The blizzard of 1880 begins on this continent.October 1880
This man becomes the first president of the Transvaal republic.December 30 1880
Alexander Graham Bell and this man form Oriental Telephone Company.January 25 1881
The first U.S. state to prohibit all alcohol beverages.February 19 1881
This czar of Russia dies when a bomb is thrown at him.March 13 1881
This north african country becomes a French protectorate.May 12 1881
This U.S. president dies.September 19 1881
The meteorite that strikes earth near Großliebenthal is located in this country.November 19 1881
This man fails to assassinate Queen Victoria of the United Kingdom.March 2 1882
This man announces the discover of the bacteria responsible for tuberculosis.March 24 1882
The Triple Alliance is formed between Austria-Hungary, Germany and this country.May 20 1882
This U.S. president assassin is hanged.June 30 1882
Boers establish this republic in southern Africa.July 26 1882
Tchaikovsky's 1812 Overture debuts in this city.August 20 1882
A fire in this hotel kills 73 people in Milwaukee.January 10 1883
This Observatory is formed.March 2 1883
This bridge is opened to traffic after 13 years of construction.May 24 1883
The world's first rodeo is held in this city.July 4 1883
This volcano erupts killing 36,380 people.August 26 1883
Chile and this country sign the Treaty of Ancón.October 20 1883
The siege of this city begins.March 13 1884
The UK's most destructive earthquake occurs in England.April 22 1884
Germany takes possession of this african country.July 5 1884
This town of Europe is the first with streets illuminated by electric light.November 2 1884
This Monument is completed.December 6 1884
This man patents the Roller Coaster.January 20 1885
This man succeeds Chester A. Arthur as president of the U.S.March 4 1885
This statue arrives in New York Harbor.June 17 1885
This man becomes Secretary of State for India.June 24 1885
This supernova in the Andromeda Galaxy is the only one discovered outside of the Milky Way.August 19 1885
This rebel Canadian leader of the Metis is executed.November 16 1885

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