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'Oh Oh Oh Oh no there is no escaping theres no place to hide'
'Marshall your so funny man you should be a comedian'
'You don't really wanna f*&$ with me'
'ever since the day I was born drugs is what they say I was on'
'witnessing your momma popping pirscription pills in the kitchen'
'and ladies love us'
'ii never loved you enough to trust you we just met and i just **** you'
'I said wait first try this hallucinagen its better then heroin'
'cool crom just like my mom with a couple of valum in sider her palm'
'like they got something to say but nothin comes out'
'you make me **** sick ot my stomach every time i think of u i'
'nobody wants to hear there grandfather rap'
'now you prolly got a couple of screws up in your head loose'
'well if i'm embarresing me i'm embarressing you'
'while i rocking the table while he is opperating'

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