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Can you name the Grim Fandango Characters?

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DescriptionCharacterMemorable Quote
Our hero
The damsel in distress
The orange demon companion with a passion for gambling
Top salesman and #1 rival
The hardass boss
The secretary double agent
Will stop at nothing to find his wife, who has all of his money
The fat man in a fez
Midget with an anger problem. Gets put in a coffin.
The leader of the revolución
Bubbly coat-check-girl
Security officer who can't stand said coat-check-girl
Counterfeiter in a green suit.
Owner of the cat race track
DescriptionCharacterMemorable Quote
His girlfriend
Crooked police chief of Rubacava
The BEST lawyer in the Land of the Dead
She has a crush on Maximino...and pays for it.
Dockmaster who has a tendency to fish café owners out of the ocean
Scrimshaw artist and owner of tattoo parlor in Rubacava.
Thanks to our hero, this guy is out of a job on the SS Limbo
Working bee who gets put in jail
Old and tired coroner of Rubacava
Claustrophobic French waiter with an attitude problem
Barnacles for eyebrows and too small for the Bust-All
Children with wings, forced to work in a cage
Florist employed by the fat man in a fez

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