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Can you name the facts of the movie 'The Breakfast Club'?

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In what fictional town does the movie take place?
In what state is it located?
What year was the movie made?
Who directed?
What is the name of the song that begins and ends the movie?
Performed by?
What musician is quoted during the opening credits of the movie?
What is the name of the 'Athlete'?
Played by?
What is the name of the 'Princess'?
Played by?
What is the name of the 'Brain'?
Played by?
What is the name of the 'Basket Case'?
Played by?
What is the name of the 'Criminal'?
Played by?
What is the name of the principal?
Played by?
What is the name of the janitor?
Played by?
What does the Princess have for lunch?
The Basket Case gets props for her unique sandwich. What popular cereal does she put on it?
What did the Criminal get for Christmas?
What sport does the Athlete participate in?
Whose wardrobe does the Principal raid?
What do the Basket Case's parents do to her at home?
What item does the shop teacher find in the Brain's locker?
How many Saturdays of detention does the Criminal get?
What fact does the Brain try to keep from the Princess?
A famous playwright gets one of his plays ruined in the movie. Who?
One of the more original insults is hurled at the Brain. What is the word?
The Criminal wants to be an airborne..what?
John Hughes makes a short cameo in the movie. As whom?

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