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Can you name the Red Rising: Olympic Knights?

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HintOlympic KnightTitle holder, armor info, killed by, etc
When the sun risesCurrent: Cassius au Bellona; Previous: Venetia au Rein; [helm has a rising sun, and the armor is golden]
Opposite of calmPrevious: Fitchner au Barca, Lorn au Arcos; [Armor is dark and the helm is a laughing wolfskull]
Not an amateur + earl grey + nCurrent: Aja au Grimmus; [Armour is gold and blue, emblazoned with sea serpents]
The calm before the _____Current: a Gold from the Japanese Isles on Earth
Can you paint with all the colors of the _____?Killed by Ragnar Volarus
That place near a fireplace that you read about in literature but don't really know what it isDecapitated by Nero au Augustus; [Armor is the shade of bright flames]
_____ or dareMurdered by Cassius au Bellona
Happiness synonym (For GOT fans: Tower of ____ --> R+L=J )Murdered by Darrow
Not lifeMurdered by Ragnar Volarus
Holds the water before it rainsAided Roque au Fabii
Synonym of phobiaHunting down Victra au Julii and Sefi
All you need is _____Hunting down Victra au Julii and Sefi

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