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Can you name the Names of the Books Mentioned in the Harry Potter Series?

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Lockhart Books
(Year 2) 
(Year 2) 
(Year 2) 
(Year 2) 
(Year 2) 
(Year 2) 
(Year 2) 
Lockhart Books
Not Required for School 
Not Required for School 
Not Required for School 
Not Required for School 
Not Required for School 
Miranda Goshawk
Spell book- (Year 1) 
Spell book- (Year 2) 
Spell book- (Year 3) 
Spell book- (Year 4) 
Spell book- (Year 5) 
Spell book- (Year 6) 
Spell book- (Year 7) 
Flourish and Blotts Books
(Year 1)- Adalbert Waffling 
were never found 
Defense Against the Dark Arts Books
(Year 5)- Wilbert Slinkhard- Used by Umbridge 
(Year 6) 
(Years 1 & 4)- Quentin Trimble 
Found in the Room of Requirement
Transfiguration Books
(Year 1)- Emeric Switch 
(Year 3) 
(Year 6) 
Study of Ancient Runes Books
Quidditch Books
Came with Harry's 13th Birthday present from Hermione 
Details the history, evolution, and rules of Quidditch 
Harry and Ron both have a copy of this quidditch team's biography 
An information book about all available broomsticks; Given to Harry by Oliver Wood 
Herbology Books
(Year 1)- Phyllida Spore 
Hadrian Whittle (movie version of below) 
(Year 6) Herbology textbook 
Hadrian Whittle 
Books on Hippogriffs
Potions Books
(Year 1)- Arsenius Jigger 
(Year 6)- Libatius Borage; copy written in by the half-blood prince 
Care of Magical Creatures
(Year 1)- Newt Scamander-  
(Year 3) 
Divination Books
(Year 3)- Cassandra Vablatsky 
(Year 5)- Inigo Imago 
Hogwart's Library
briefly explains horcruxes 
Bathilda Bagshot
A very prejudice book (against house elves) about the background of this school 
(Year 1) 
Arithmancy Books
(Year 3) 
Children's Storybook
Children's Storybook- Author's name included in title 
Muggle Studies Books
Wilhelm Wigworthy 
Found at the Black's House
Traces the lineage of the oldest Wizard families 
Random Books
Present from Ron to Harry for his 17th Birthday 

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