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Forced Order
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QuoteWho said it?
Listen with your heart, you will understand
'HAKUNA MATATA' means no worries
Is Wonderboy here for real?
Oi! Ten thousand years will give you such a crick in the neck
It's not right for a woman to read. Soon she starts getting *ideas*, and *thinking*...
A dream is a wish your heart makes
You better believe it!
QuoteWho said it?
Ohana means family, family means nobody gets left behind. Or forgotten.
Why, your eyes are like sapphires sparkling so bright. They make the morning radiant and light
Now remember, it's your first day of trainin', so listen to your teacher and no fightin', play nice with the other kids, unless, of course, one of the other kids wanna fight
The human world is a mess. Life under the sea is better than anything they got up there.
I'm a hound dog
We'll buy a big place in the country. We'll have a plantation... a Dalmatian plantation!
If you can't say something nice... don't say nothing at all.

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