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General LocationBoneHint
ThroatOnly dis-articulated bone in the body
ArmFunny bone
SkullYou head a soccer ball with it
Shoulder girdleKnown as the collarbone
ThoraxBreast Bone
Vertebral column7 vertebrae / Top region / C-C7
HandsBase of the Fingers
PelvisHip Bone
LegsHardest bone to break
FeetHeal Bone (calcaneal)
SkullBack of the head
ArmsOne of the two bones in the Forearm
General LocationBoneHint
Shoulder GirdleShoulder Blade
ThoraxYou have 12 of them
Vertebral Column12 Vertebrae/ T1-T12
HandsTop parts of the Fingers
PelvisClosest to the anus
LegsKnee Cap
SkullIf hit most likely to get a concussion
Vertebral ColumnConcave, 5 Vertebrae/ L1-L5
Skulltrapezoidal in shape and curved on itself
ArmsWhen hitting a volleyball you hit the ball with this bone.
LegsCalf bone/ located on the lateral side of the tibia
SkullChin Bone

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