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Can you name the elements of Halo: Reach?

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Weapons - Human
Small Arms Weapon 
Automatic Machine Gun 
Explosive Projectile Launcher 
Scoped Explosive Projectile Launcher 
Mid-Range Scoped Rifle 
Long Distance Scoped Rifle 
Close Range Power Weapon 
Huge Charged Beam Weapon 
Charged Targeting Device 
Mounted Turret 
Weapons - Covenant
Small Arms Weapon 
Automatic Machine Gun 
Pink Spike Machine Gun 
Pink Spike Mid-Range Scoped Rifle 
Scoped Blue Explosive Projectile Launcher 
Long Distance Scoped Rifle 
Scoped Green Explosive Projectile Launcher 
Yellow Spike Machine Gun 
Automatic Machine Gun 
Close Range Blunt Weapon 
Close Range Slicing Weapon 
Red Bursting Projectile Launcher 
Mounted Turret 
Shield Will Only Recharge With a Melee Attack 
Opponents Throw More Grenades 
No Motion Sensor 
Less Ammunition is Dropped With Weapons 
Death Equals Restart Mission on Single Player 
Enemies Have Double Health 
Enemies Get Promotions 
Enemy Weaknesses and Strengths Are Raised 
Opponents Dodge All Attacks 
Explosions are More Effective 
Confetti Upon Grunt Death 
Uncommon, Humorous Dialogue 
Default Maps
New Alexandria's civilian concourses provide access to rapid transit and views of Reach's serene vistas 
The once formidable Commonwealth awaits its final destination at one of the UNSC's ship breaking facilities. 
It was only a matter of time before even the most clandestine UNSC operations were thrust into the public eye. 
A blank canvas recommended for Forge editing only. 
Hydroelectric plants like this one provide clean, sustainable energy for the inhabitants of Reach. 
Reach's elite mix business with pleasure, building lavish penthouses atop soaring corporate ivory towers. 
Shielding infantry from aerial assault, these massive [Answer]s force the Covenant’s foes to fight on deadly ground 
Before Winter Contingency was declared, ONI spooks kept themselves occupied in this remote installation. 
Covenant vessels like the Ardent Prayer are a prelude to the devastation the full fleet can visit upon a planet. 
Firefight Maps
Must Reactivate the Missile Batteries 
Must Protect the Slipspace Bomb 
Must Reclaim the Base 
Must Give Halsey Time 
Must Hold this Area Until Keyes Arrives 
Must Destroy the Covenant AA Guns 
Must Escape the Covenant Assault 
Must Help the Militia 
Defiant Map 
Anniversary Map 
Campaign Missions
There's a disturbance on the frontier. 
Welcome to Reach. (Only cutscene)  
Covenant are attacking a vital ONI base. Drive the bastards off. 
Move in behind enemy lines and evaluate the opposition. 
Two massive armies clash! Time to go to war against the Covenant. 
Move up the beach and secure the launch facility. Take the battle to the Covenant Super Carrier. 
All is not lost. Evacuate civilians from an occupied city. 
Provide air support in a forest of crumbling skyscrapers. 
Your orders are to destroy Sword Base... Or are they? 
Deliver Halsey's data package to the (Level Name). 
Spartans never die. They're just missing in action... 
Noble Maps
Orbital dockyards provide rapid refueling and repairs for a variety of UNSC vessels. 
ONI officials believe the data buried within this artifact is key to our survival. 
Though we may never fully understand these devices, it is not our nature to leave ancient stones unturned. 
Defiant Maps
The final moments aboard Orbital Gamma Station, a human communications space station. 
A training facility located in the [Answer] Mountains, where Spartans are born. 
Anniversary Maps
Beaver Creek Remake 
Hang 'Em High Remake 
Damnation Remake 
Timberland Remake 
Prisoner Remake 
Headlong Remake 
Vehicles - Human
4 Wheeler 
3 Types: Machine, Gauss, and Rocket 
Heavy Artillery 
3-Man Air Transport 
Larger Air Transport 
Outer Space Transport Vehicles 
Vehicles - Covenant
Purple Single Man Vehicle 
Pink 2 Man Vehicle 
Heavy Artillery 
1 Man Air Transport 
Larger Air Transport 
4-Legged Heavy Artillery - Non-Driveable 
Outer Space Combat Vehicle - Non-Driveable 
Armor Abilities
Temporary Invincibility 
Boosts Jumping Heights 
Dodge Bullets and Grenades 
Increase Running Speeds 
Temporary Sphericle Shield 
Disappear From Sight and Jam the Radars 
It's a fake! 
Armor Effects
Your death is softened by a joyful noise. And confetti.  
Upon expiry, flying hearts mark your demise.  
Foul brown clouds stink and swirl around steel. 
High voltage, indeed. 
Flames ensconce the skulls of the loyal. 
Burn bright, burn blue. 
Firefight Voices
Default Voice 
Noble 1 
Noble 2 
Noble 3 
Noble 4 
Noble 5 
Star of Halo 1-3 
Smart A.I. 
Sergeant, Killed on Installation 04B 
One of the Stars from Halo 3: ODST 
Marine of the UNSC 
'Dumb' A.I. of the Noble Team 
0 cR 
7,500 cR 
10,000 cR 
20,000 cR 
45,000 cR 
210,000 cR 
325,000 cR 
450,000 cR 
600,000 cR 
850,000 cR 
1,400,000 cR 
2,000,000 cR 
3,000,000 cR 
3,700,000 cR 
4,600,000 cR 
5,650,000 cR 
7,000,000 cR 
8,500,000 cR 
11,000,000 cR 
13,000,000 cR 
16,500,000 cR 
20,000,000 cR 

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