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Special Abilities
Deployable Machine Gun 
Hunting Bird 
Roid Rage? 
Invisibility and Speed 
Weapon Elements
*sizzle noises* 
Types of Weapons
Small, Fast Pistols 
Small, More Powerful Pistols 
Small, Lightweight Automatic Rifles 
Bigger, Burst-Style Close Range Guns 
Medium-Sized Automatic Rifles 
Long Range Scoped Rifles 
Explosive-Shooting Weapons 
Alien-Based Weapons 
Weapon Brands
Feel the power of a god in your hands. 
Absorbs a lot of recoil. 
These guns are clearly not human... 
Get a gun as accurate as you are. 
If it took more than one shot... 
Buy one and light some people on FIRE! 
Tech + Ammo Capacity = I win! 
Cheap, reliable, lightweight, and incredibly fast reload speeds 
400% More Awesome! Also, they are not made out of freakin' wood. 
You don't need to be a better shot, you just need to shoot more bullets 
Made by the Creators. 
Makes Rapid Recharge Shields and Transfusion Grenades 
Makes Class Mods, Shields, and Grenades 
Good Guys
Main Character (Playable) 
Main Character (Playable) 
Main Character (Playable) 
Main Character (Playable) 
Mysterious Presence Watching Over the Vault Hunters 
Keeps the Medical Equipment Running -- More or Less 
Runs the Weapons Stores and Drives the Bus 
Psychotic Dahl Scientific Advisor and Vault Researcher 
Helps to Catch a Ride 
Blind One-Legged Man 
Scarred Administrator of New Haven 
Sledge Skinned his Family and Made Them Into a Tent 
Annoying Robotic Box 
Manager of the Arid Badlands Circle of Death 
Dahl Headlands Native, Hunts Skagzilla 
More Good Guys
Messed Up Scooter's Mama's Girl Parts 
New Haven Resident, Likes Dirty Magazines 
Manager of the Rust Commons West Circle of Slaughter 
Insane Recluse With his Own Scrapyard 
Insane Recluse's Best Friend 
Custodian of the Middle of Nowhere Bounty Board 
Battles Giant Flowers 
Ex-Crimson Lance Omega Squad Leader 
Underdome Manager, Been Married Many Times 
Manager of the Circle of Duty 
Really wants some Purple Juice 
Senior Vice President of Mercenary Relations and Tourism for the Hyperion Corporation 
Uses a Fire Repeater and has Three Balls 
Three-Balled Bandit's Pet 
Three-Balled Bandit's Pet 
Stole the Catch-A-Ride Module 
Protects the Headstone Mine Key 
P.S. You Guys Aren't Friends 
Monster-Driving Bandit Boss 
Has his own Special Turret and Shot a Claptrap 
Bandit Leader of his own Town 
Jealous Brother of Bandit Leader with his own Town 
Giant Slow-Walking Nest 
Deformed Bandit Guard of the Baron 
Muscular Bandit Guard of the Baron 
Deluded Baron and Former Employee of Tannis 
High-Ranking Officer of the Crimson Lance with a Crazy Alien Weapon 
Tentacled Resident of the Vault 
Optional Bosses
Giant Skag Who Stole Baha's Leg 
Legendary Fire Skag 
Legendary Shock Skag 
Huge Skag, Capable of Shooting Laser Beams 
Giant Flying Monster, Attracted to Torches 
Tiny Royalty of the Sewers 
Sniper From New Haven That Kills his Own Step-Father 
Worshipped by a Group of Bandits 
Large Flying Enemy That Attacks While Collecting ECHO Comms 
Received Weapon Shipments Under the Table by Torgue 
Giant Spiderant Known to be Able to Jump Very High 
Giant Spiderant Known for Killing All of its Hunters 
Flying Insect Which Oozes Red Fluids 
King of All Spiderants 
Giant Queen of the Spiderants, Her Abdomen was Quite Useful 
Location of Fyrestone 
First Multiplayer Arena 
Home of the First Boss and of Bladeflower Seeds 
Home of Many Skags, Including Legendary Skags 
Home of the Steroid-Filled Bandit 
Location of the Shock Crystals 
Home of Hammer Using Bandit 
Home of the Race Track and Vehicle Using Bandits 
Small City, Run by Scarred Woman 
Home of the Corrosive Crystals 
One Half of a Large Area, Home of One-Eyed Bandit 
Watery Island, Location of the Boats 
Insane Recluse's Junkyard 
Second Multiplayer Arena 
More Areas
One Half of a Large Area, Home of Jaynistown 
Large Valley Owned by Bandit Leader 
Abandoned City, Occupied by Crimson Lance 
Home of the Giant Walking Nest 
Home of the Bandit Hideout, Thor 
Eridian-Style Arena 
Secret Entrance into the Crimson Lance's Stronghold 
The Crimson Lance's Secret Facility 
Outdoor Area of the Crimson Lance's Secret Facility 
Giant Alien-Guarded Hole 
Snowy Area, Site of a Battle Between Bandits and Guardians 
Site of the Boss Battle 
DLC 1 Bosses
Lumberjack with a Nice Hat, Turned into a Wereskag 
He was a Bad Guy, Who Knew? 
Now he's Undead, Who Knew? 
Giant Zombie Attracted to Jack-O-Lanterns 
One of 4 Wereskag Pack Members 
One of 4 Wereskag Pack Members 
One of 4 Wereskag Pack Members 
Priest Turned into a Wereskag 
Giant Monstrosity Created From Two of a Doctor's Assistants 
DLC 1 Areas
Zombie-Infested Village 
Giant Tree-Cutting Facility 
Undead Crimson Lance-Occupied City 
Location of the Evil Doctor's Tree House 
Former Workplace of the Evil Doctor 
Final Hideout of the Evil Doctor 
DLC 2 Areas
Main Lobby, Contains Bank 
Fire-Style Arena 
Eridian-Style Arena 
Junkyard-Style Arena 
DLC 3 Bosses
Lance Assassin Squad Leader 
Warden of Lockdown Palace 
Suicidal Crimson Lance Leader, Hates Mondays but Loves Robot Suits 
Lance Assassin Squad Leader 
Lance Assassin Squad Leader 
Lance Assassin Squad Leader 
Lance Assassin Squad Leader 
Boyfriend of Prison Warden 
Lance Official, Enemy of Athena 
Lance Official, Enemy of Athena 
Reanimated Robotic Guy that you are Still not Friends With 
Giant Drifter 
Lance Rocketeer Boss 
DLC 3 Areas
Medium-Sized City, Promotes Vehicle Use 
Crimson Lance-Owned Highway 
Deserted Lake Near Highway, Allows Access to The Invincible One's Lair 
Club Owned by the Underdome Manager 
Crimson Lance Highway with a Tunnel 
Features Midgetville and The World's Largest Bullet 
Castle Turned Prison 
Round-Based Arena 
End of the Highways, Allows Access to Final Area 
Large Weapon Storehouse 
DLC 4 Bosses
Robotic Atlas Corporation Commander with a Hole in her Stomach 
Robotic Doctor Who is Still Trying to Help 
Robotic Suicidal Crimson Lance Leader 
Robotic Undead Doctor 
Leader of the Robolution 
Giant Vehicle of the Leader of the Robolution 
Specialist Leader of the Hyperion Soldiers 
Robotic Fowl 
Bandit Survivor of Robotic Apocalypse 
Robotic Giant Slow Walking Nest 
DLC 4 Areas
Starting Area, Small City with a Giant Satellite Dish 
Collect Claptrap Components Here 
Giant Cave Labyrinth 
Claptrap Production Facility is Here 
Location of the Claptrap Warehouse and home to the Giant Walking Robotic Nest 
Fight all Three of the Main Bosses Here 

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