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Can you name the Bars in Hoboken, NJ?

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Fake Id's Woot
Sports bar two floors
tots' specialty
Downtown Roof Deck
Cheap Mugs, narrow space
Uptown U-sportsBar
Better before the fire
Soccer bar
Jambala yah buddy
mm burgers
mispronounced daily
yankees and wings
2 thumbs up
koopa troopa
Old Zogg stomping ground
Bands bands bands
Big and Bad
A&P is right there
mile square sucked so...
Old Comedy, new blowouts
what is that, the hudson
big open windows, byop
smells bad, good steaks
Huge bouncer, weeping
wine bar
street preforming
DJ g-g-g-g-gay
seize the carp
fancy pants
Lightning bolts
Best steaks in town
worst mexican food in town
trees and stuff
Cozy hidden back outside area
Leaping Llamas Love Learning
Brats and Huge Beers
First success at this location
9/11 bar
Go downstairs to get in
Kev's mispronounced bar
25 and up, if you have male parts
Tough one, downtown jefferson
Hole in the wall
Fondu chain
Topless bar!!!!.... oh... tapas
Trains are here, yeah
mondays and thursdays half price
Penn State bar, watch the parade
Vinny's house, OD's?
old timers
Not fartlanterns
Old school, reopened

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