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What is the name of Sam & Dean's grandmother?
What was the name of Michael's vessel?
How much older is Dean than Sam?
What's the name of Jo's mother?
Who was John's other son?
In what episode did a little girl's teddy bear come to life?
What was the name of Castiel's vessel?
What angel does Dean have sex with in the back of the Impala?
Who was the mullet-wearing computer genius?
Where was Crowley's vessel buried?
What is the name of Sam & Dean's grandfather?
Who is the funniest angel in the garrison?
Where was Singer Salvage located?
Which of the brothers was in love with a girl named Cassie?
Who played catch with Dean against John's wishes?
Was Ben Dean's son?
What demon used to be called 'Lucky the Leprechaun' behind his back?
How was Bobby killed?
Which of the brothers dated a girl named Amy Pond?
What's the name of Bobby's wife?

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