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The Demoman's middle name
Cost of the Bombinomicon
Language the Spy is fluent (#1/4)
Language the Spy is fluent (#2/4)
Language the Spy is fluent (#3/4)
Language the Spy is fluent (#4/4)
Class without an emblem on their shoulders
Year the Engineer designed the sentry gun
Fastest swinging melee weapon in the game
Sniper once slept in a corpse of this animal
The Spy refers to this team-mate as 'Laborer'
Street the Sniper's parents live on
First official map to take place at night
First official map to feature weather effects
Melee weapon that allows Heavy to survive kill taunts
This character uses the same voice lines in all languages
Knife trick the Spy does in Trailer 2
Original owner of the Ghastly Gibus
Engineer's job according to his biography
Heavy's birthplace
Name of one of the Medic's pet doves
The first BLU team Soldier resembled this Confederate general
Number of older brothers the Scout has
The Engineer was declared the most popular class in this edition of the Guinness Book of World Records (Gamers Edition)
The Soldier's alias

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