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Only fully evolved Pokémon that can't learn any TMs or HMs
Only Pokémon with a Grass/Ground type combination
Only Pokémon with a base stat total of 251
Only area of Johto where Sentret can be found
Only Pokémon which has more than three evolutions
Only non-legendary Pokémon to have the ability drizzle
Only Pokémon so far to have an attack specifically named after it
Only Bug-type legendary Pokémon
The Stag Beetle Pokémon
The natural predator of Durant
The last answer to the Pokémon Trainer's Choice
The first Pokémon belonging to James of Team Rocket
First Pokémon featured in Professor Oak's lecture
First pure Grass-type starter Pokémon
Pokémon with the German name Welsar
Pokémon based on one of the Japanese oni
Pokémon most often used by opposing trainers in Gen 1-4
Pokémon that will die once they stop moving
Pokémon originally considered to be Ash's sidekick
Protein discovered in 2008 by Japanese researchers

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