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Did Quiziousity kill the cat?

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Shortest war in history
US city with the first subway
Only officially bilingual Canadian province
Name the Elves call Gandalf in the 'Lord of the Rings'
Official language of Bangladesh
Author of 'Lord of the Flies'
Pokémon with with palindromic names
Creator of the periodic table of elements
Number of chambers in a human heart
Highest mountain in Russia
Year the first McDonald's was opened on Chinese mainland
Number of times suicide occurs in Shakespeare's plays
First 5 digits of pi
Legend claiming Queen Elizabeth I was a man
Freddie Mercury's birth name
Greek Goddess of the moon
First player to win $1 million on the PGA Tour
What does TARDIS from 'Doctor Who' stand for
Only English word with three consecutive double letters
Currency of Poland
Process where an animal destroys itself via internal rupturing
Number of countries bordering Turkey
Superhero with the alter ego name Lamont Cranston
Official language of England from 1066 to 1362
What does the fox say

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