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Can you name the Warriors terms of the 3rd series?

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Pale gray cat with blue eyes (Dies in book 5)A
Thunderclan deputy B
Cats are divided up intoC
2nd book of the 3rd seriesD
Title of Fourth book of the 3rd seriesE
Thunderclan leaderF
When clans meet in peaceG
One of the stars in the 3rd seriesH
Shadowclan cat, black and white tortiseshellI
One star of the third seriesJ
Windclan medicine cat apprenticeK
One star of the 3rd seriesL
Place where medicine cats receive dreams from StarclanM
Windclan cat, black she-catN
Windclan leaderO
Thunderclan cat, tortiseshell she-catP
Cats nursing kits or about to give birthQ
The clan that likes waterR
Strange cat that knows many thingsS
Warriors name for humansT
Purdy's term for a humanU
Riverclan cat, brown tabby tomV
Clan that likes open spaces (Moorland)W
Sound emitted by cats in trouble or madY

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