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The killing of a man or any person.
To kill oneself.
A substance used for destroying insects.
To kill a close relative.
To kill an infant.
To kill a guest or a host.
To kill a tyrant.
The killing of bears.
The killing of insects.
The killing of Vermin.
A chemical that destroys fungus.
A substance that kills germs.
A substance that destroys parasites.
A substance that kills viruses.
The killing of flowers.
The killing of a god.
The killing of a monster.
The destruction of liberty.
The destruction of books.
The destruction of life.
The ruining of someone's reputation.
The killing of a faith
To kill someone with a motor vehicle.
The destruction of the truth. (Lying)
The destruction of everything.
The destruction of the entire world.
The extermination of an entire group. (Racial, Political, or cultural)
The killing of all people.
The killing of one's father.
A substance for killing leafy plants.
The killing of one's brother.

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