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Forced Order
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Creator and excecutive producer
Name of the first episode after the pilot
David Duchovny
Gillian Anderson
Assistant Director
Smokeys real name
Mulders half brother
Stupid ass haircut
Gillians daugher is named after this episode
This guy wrote Humbug
... and also wrote
... and
... and finally
Before Humbug he played
... and guest starred later in
Which were written by
... who later created another series
... which had an episode with the same name as an x-file charachter
... who was portrayed by
... who wrote the episode
The X-Files Movie (1998) aka
The X-Files Movie nr.2 (2008) aka
Co-written by
That chain smoking son of a bitch doesnt smoke marlboro but
And so does this special agent
and her partner is
The music is created by
And his soundtrack from the series is called
Who made this?
And where do you work?

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