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1-5, 9-10Kel Mitchell (season 1-5), Ryan Coleman (9-10)
1-6Various Cast Members In Respectful Roles
4-6Leon Frierson
4-6 Leon Frierson
5-6Danny Tamberelli, Nick Cannon, Josh Server, Kenan Thompson
1-3Josh Server
2-3Lori Beth Denberg, Alissa Reyes
1-2Kenan Thompson
1-6, 10Lori Beth Denberg, Danny Tamberelli, Lil' JJ
1-5Kenan Thompson
3-6Amanda Bynes
1-3Kenan Thompson
3-4Amanda Bynes
1-5Kel Mitchell
1-4Kenan Thompson, Angelique Bates
2-4Lori Beth Denberg
4-6Amanda Bynes, Christy Knowings
1-5Kenan Thompson
2-4Kel Mitchell, Josh Server
1-3Katrina Johnson
4-5Danny Tamberelli
2-6Josh Server
6Danny Tamberelli
5Nick Cannon, Kenan Thompson
6Nick Cannon
5-6Mark Saul
1-4Lori Beth Denberg
1. 4-6Josh Server
5Kenan Thompson
6Christy Knowings
1-2, 4Kel Mitchell
5Leon Frierson
6Amanda Bynes
6Danny Tamberelli
6Christy Knowings, Gabriel Iglesias
2-3Kel Mitchell
1-5Kenan Thompson
4-6Josh Server
6Amanda Bynes
5-6Christy Knowings, Josh Server
5Kenan Thompson, Josh Server
5-6Danny Tamberelli
3-5Kenan Thompson
3-5Lori Beth Denberg, Josh Server, Kel Mitchell, Alisa Reyes
1-5Kel Mitchell, Kenan Thompson
3-6Josh Server
3Kenan Thompson
4Christy Knowings
1, 10N/A
4Amanda Bynes
5-6Danny Tamberelli
1-2Kel Mitchell
1-2, 4Josh Server, Kenan Thompson, Alisa Reyes, Danny Tamberelli
6Various Cast Members As Diffent Characters
4Leon Fierson, Kenan Thompson, Danny Tamberelli, Josh Server, Christy Knowings
4-5Amanda Bynes
3-4Josh Server
2Katrina Johnson
7-10Various Cast Member (1 Episode Each)
7-9Chelsea Brummet, Giovannie Samuels, Lisa Fioles
10Lisa Foiles
7-9Shane Lyons, Jack DeSena
7-8Kyle Sullivan
7-8Bryan Hearne
8-9Jamie Spears
7-9Kyle Sullivan
7-10Kyle Sullivan, Lisa Foiles
7-9Giovonnie Samuels
8-9Various Cast Members
8-10Jack DeSena
7-9Kyle Sullivan, Giovannie Samuels, Chelsea Brummet, Jack DeSena
9Kyle Sullivan
7Various Cast Members
7Giovannie Samuels
7-8Various Cast Members
7-9Jack DeSena
7-9Shane Lyons
7-8Shane Lyons
8-9Jamie Spears, Lisa Foiles
7-9Lisa Foiles
7-9Various Cast Members
9-10Various Cast Members
10Various Cast Members
10Jack DeSena, Chelsea Brummet, Christina Kirkman, Denzel Whitaker
9-10Jack DeSena, Lisa Fioles, Denzel Whitaker, Shane Lyons
9-10Christina Kirkman
7-10Jack DeSena
7-10Jack DeSena
10Denzel Whitaker
10Kianna Underwood
9Giovannie Samuels
10Ryan Coleman
7Various Cast Members
8Kyle Sullivan, Byan Hearne

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