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First NameLast NamePossibly Helpful, Miscellaneous Facts
 1st President
 Quasi War
 Obtained France's Louisiana Territory
 War of 1812
 Era of Good Feelings
 Winner of the 'Corrupt Bargain'
 'Old Hickory'
 Stuck with Panic of 1837 Caused by President #7
 War Hero Who Died in Office
 More or Less Got Texas
 Mexican War
 Died in Office Possibly Because of Cherries and Cream
 Willingly Signed Compromise of 1850
 Favored the Kansas-Nebraska Act
 Never Had a First Lady of His Own
 Civil War
 Civil War Hero of the North
 Winner of Compromise of 1877
 Killed in Office by Guiteau
 Signed the Chinese Exclusion Act
 Opposed Proposed Silver Standard
First NameLast NamePossibly Helpful, Miscellaneous Facts
 Grandson of President #9
 Only President to Serve 2 Non-Consecutive Terms
 Spanish-American War
 'Speak Softly and Carry a Big Stick.'
 Heaviest President
 World War I
 'Return to Normalcy'
 Tea Pot Dome Scandal
 Dam it!
 New Deal
 1st Person Named in Billy Joel's 'We Didn't Start the Fire'
 'I Like Ike'
 'Ask Not What Your Country Can Do For You,...'
 Great Society
 Watergate Scandal
 Pardoned President #37
 Iran Hostage Crisis
 Iran-Contra Ordeal
 'Read My Lips, No New Taxes.'
 Played the Tenor Saxophone and Played with Women
 Son of President #41
 1st Black President

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