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Unfinished QuoteAnswerThe Quoted
'Does this count as ________?'Agnes
'I suppose the plan could work with ___.'Gru
'They are not _______!'Vector
'It's so ______!'Agnes
'You're never gonna get adopted, _____; you know that, don't you?Miss Hattie
'Question: What are these?' '______ robots. ______!'Gru & Dr. Nefario (respectively)
'Are these bombs?' 'Yes, but they are very old and highly unlikely to blow up. Try not to ____ ___ ____.'Edith & Gru (respectively)
Unfinished QuoteAnswerThe Quoted
'No, ____, these are not treats. These are our guests.'Gru
[After he gets an idea] '_________.'Gru
'Pinky promise?' 'Oh yes, my _____ ________.'Agnes & Gru (respectively)
'You have to get the little girl a new unicorn toy.' 'Huh? _____? [incorrectly pronounced]'Gru & Minion (respectively)
'Can I drink this?' 'Do you want to _______?'Edith & Dr. Nefario (respectively)
'_____ launcher! Oh yeah!Vector
'...because I'm committing crimes with both direction and _________. Oh yeah!'Vector

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