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BookClue (More Or Less)
 'In the beginning...'
 'Let my people go!'
  bunch of laws and how-to-do's
 ____ 6:4-'Hear O Israel, the LORD our GOD, the LORD is one.'
 Josh for short
 They keep order in a court.
 Babe ____ (think baseball)
 'Speak Lord, for Your servant is listening.'
 Look at the above.
 Solomon, Nebuchadnezzar
 Solomon, Nebuchadnezzar
 The ____ of Narnia
BookClue (More Or Less)
 The _____ of Narnia
 Better Than ____ (a band)
 He rebuilds the temple.
 Incomplete Summary: Boy gets fish gall with archangel so that he may heal his father's cataracts caused by bird droppings.
 Named after the feminine form of 'Judah'
 Event within this book basically inspired Jewish holiday of Purim.
 To earn money, you need a ____.
 Longest Book
 Written by King Solomon
 Says that all actions of man are insignificant and 'mere breath'
 About marriage
BookClue (More Or Less)
 You get these teeth pulled out.
 ____ 25:23-'In woman was sin's beginning, and because of her we all die.'
 Contains the 4 Servant Songs
 The Second of the Major Hebrew Prophets
 Try not to lament over getting this wrong.
 Prophetic Book not in the Hebrew Bible
 Vision of Dry Bones Passage
 Has lots of apocalyptic imagery
 'Take[s] a harlot wife' to prove his point
 'Uptown Girl' 'Piano Man' -Billy ____
 Famous ____ Cookies
 Shortest Book
 He's swallowed by a whale.
BookClue (More Or Less)
 Uses Covenant Lawsuit
 About the end of the Assyrian Empire and Nineveh
 In Daniel 14 (Bel and the Dragon), this guy delivers a stew to Daniel.
 ____ Platt founded Plattsburgh
 Name means 'My holiday'
 It's like Zachary plus IA
 The Last Prophet
 Longest Gospel
 Shortest Gospel
 Writes this Gospel to Theophilus
 Youngest of The 12
 Written by guy who writes 3rd Gospel
 They inhabit namely Rome.
BookClue (More Or Less)
 'all things to all men'
 Look at the above.
 Written to people of Galatia
 Written to people of Ephesus
 Not about the Philippines!
 Paul writes to people of Colossae
 Written to people of Thessalonica
 Written to people of Tessalonica
 ____ Hutton is 'Nate Ford' on TNT's Leverage
 ____ Hutton is 'Nate Ford' on TNT's Leverage
 Emperor who besieged Jerusalem and its Temple
 Paul tells a slave to endure the hardships put upon him by his master.
 'The Language of the Jewish People'
BookClue (More Or Less)
 'The name's Bond. ____ Bond'
 Apostle's Name
 Apostle's Name
 Apostle's Name
 Apostle's Name
 Apostle's Name
 'Hey ____' (The Beatles)

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