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In the Netherlands, what is the name of Santa Claus's helper who judges which children were bad during the year?
Who played Jim Lovell in Apollo 13
Who followed the 27th president?
who played such roles as Louisa Fenn on 'Boston Public', Karen Filippelli on 'The Office', and Kate Frankola on 'Unhitched'
How do female mosquitoes locate their victims
Another name for left handed
Fear of people
The fear of very long words
What is the metal part of a pencil called?
What year did Krakatoa erupt?
What country's flag is not a rectangle?
What will you die of if you consume a polar bear liver?
Name of the natives at Mt. Everst
Who invented the bikini?
What is the plastic thing on the end of a shoelace called?
How many beads on a dog tag chain?
How many muscles in the human body?
What holiday was established in California in 1966 by scholar/activist Dr. Maulana Karenga?
Who was the Greek who pushed the boulder up the hill?
What is Pablo Picasso's full name?

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