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Can you name the Huntingdon College Residence Life?

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A lost key will cost you
Not permitted on all off campus (hookah)
Not permitted on all off campus (Bud)
RAs tell you to do this when they see beer
Can't walk, can't talk, can't wake...call
No _____ (meow, bark)
Hours start (shhhh)
Hours finish (but still shhhh)
'Don't open that door its after _____' (alarm sounds)
'That door should be fine its ____'
'So I am responsible for my ____ at all times'
RAs log this at the desk
'My ID was left with the ___'
Improper Checkout =
Need a fix?
No lights, chandler, disco ball, on the
Posters, pictures, etc less than (%)
smells good but must not
can't get to your stuff, pay
Students must provide ____ and accurate information
Students will comply with reasonable _____ from staff members
Students will provide a ___ when asked
Don't ____ in the room (420)
HC students may not stay ____ in room they aren't assigned to
midnight to 8am, more the 5 hours, is defined as?
Hours - Quiet Hours =
No Cup of joe?
Comes with the room, but can't bring it yourself
Two wheels, more like no wheels
Rooming troubles? Talk to
Talk to the RA, now talk to
Need to move, need a email from
Suicidal thoughts? sexual assault? Call
Have a question then call _____
Document and write
Moving in a room then make sure to do a
Enter to grow in _____
Go forth to apply wisdom in _____
KNOW YOUR ______
RA is fun, RA is cool, but RA is also a

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