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Forced Order
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Philosophical WorkAuthorYear Published
Meditations on First Philosophy1641 C.E.
Critique of Pure Reason1781 C.E.
Pragmatism1907 C.E.
Manifesto of the Communist Party1848 C.E.
Enneads270 C.E.
Beyond Good and Evil1886 C.E.
Confessions397 C.E.
Utilitarianism1861 C.E.
Republicc. 380 B.C.E.
Enquiries Concerning Human Understanding1748 C.E
Philosophical WorkAuthorYear Published
Leviathan 1651 C.E.
MetaphysicsUnknown (c. 340 B.C.E.)
Being and Nothingness1943 C.E.
Phenomenology of Spirit1807 C.E.
An Essay Concerning Human Understanding1690 C.E.
The Social Contract1762 C.E.
Ethics1677 C.E.
Philosophical Investigations1953 C.E.
The Prince 1513 C.E.
Being and Time1927 C.E.

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