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QUIZ: Can you name the Black Ops Missions?

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Mission name
Escape police forces, assassinate Fidel Castro.
Break out of a Russian Gulag.
Tour the Pentagon, meet John F. Kennedy
Rescue Weaver, stop the launch of the Soyuz 2.
Defend a Khe Sanh military camp.
Extract the Russian defector.
Escape Dragovich's men with Dr. Clarke.
Extract Steiner, board ship containing Nova 6.
Mission name
Battle Viet Cong forces in a Vietnamese jungle.
Locate a downed Soviet cargo plane containing Nova 6.
Infiltrate a Soviet base in the Ural Mountains.
Escape Viet Cong complex, kill Kravchenko.
Relive the efforts to extract Steiner, from both Mason and Hudson's perspectives.
Discover the truth behind the numbers.
Destroy the broadcast station, kill Dragovich.

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