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Can you name the Undertale characters based on their dialogue?

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LineCharacterArea Introduced
Let our hearts unite against these healthy ingredients!Waterfall
That went pretty well.Hotland
And while you're completely wrong, you deserve some credit.Hotland
Do you want to stop fighting?Snowdin
That's, uh, your cue to laugh. Or, emote at all?Snowdin
You will regret this.Waterfall
Just think of it like, a visit to the dentist.Core
This... this IS your home now.Ruins
Toby? What the hell is that? Sounds... sexy.Hotland
LineCharacterArea Introduced
Here, I'll give you some money. Pretend like you won.Ruins
However, that can't be true, can it?Hotland
(The ringing is coming from inside your inventory!)Infinity
You know, I don't care about destroying this world anymore.Core
Don't you have anything better to do?Ruins
Together, we eradicated the enemy and became strong.Core
A... and... um...Snowdin
So even that power... it wasn't enough?Waterfall

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