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Can you name the rungs in the following Naruto-themed word ladder?

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HintLadder Rung
•Shikamaru ____•
Common nickname for grandma
Biblical super-food
The ____ Lisa
A type of interactive gaming (acronym)
•____ Yamashiro•
Star Wars bounty hunter Fett
A small rich sponge cake, made with rum
Japanese insult meaning idiot
Mythological elephant beast
•Ice Style User•
A rare fish with an elongated head
HintLadder Rung
To trek up a mountain e.g.
Tyson or Myers e.g.
A small arachnid common in dogs
•____ Uzumaki•
Slang for burrito
Puerto ____
Ross or Springfield e.g.
•____ Lee•
A tightly packed crowd of people
Spanish slang for old woman
A strong-scented Eurasian herb
•____ Aburame•

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