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Can you name the Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace Cast?

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Actor/ActressCharacterSpecies Potrayed
Liam NeesonHuman
Ewan McGregorHuman
Natalie PortmanHuman
Jake LloydHuman
Ian McDiarmidHuman
Pernilla AugustHuman
Oliver Ford DaviesHuman
Hugh QuarshieHuman
Ahmed Best (voice)Gungan
Anthony Daniels (voice)Protocol Droid
Kenny BakerAstromech Droid
Frank Oz (voice)Unknown
Terrence StampHuman
Brian Blessed (voice)Gungan
Andrew Secombe (voice)Toydarian
Ray Park (body) Peter Serafinowicz (voice)Irodonian Zabrak
Lewis MacLeodDug
Warwick DavisRodian
Steve SpeirsGungan
Silas CarsonCerean
Silas CarsonNeimoidian
Silas Carson (body) Toby Longworth (voice)Neimoidian
Jerome Blake (body) James Taylor (voice)Neimoidian
Actor/ActressCharacterSpecies Potrayed
Jerome BlakeChairgin
Jerome BlakeThisspiasspian
Jerome BlakeTwi'lek
Alan RuscoeKel-Dor
Alan RuscoeTwi'lek
Alan Ruscoe (body) Chris Sanders (voice)Neimoidian
Ralph Brown Human
Samuel L. JacksonHuman
John Fensom (body) Lindsay Duncan (voice)Protocol Droid
Greg Proops (voice)Troig
Scott Capurro (voice)Troig
Hassanni ShappiZabrak
Gin ClarkeTholothian Correlian
Khan BonfilsIktotchi
Michelle TaylorQuermian
Michaela CottrellLannik
Dipika O'Neill JotiChalactan
Phil EasonUnknown
Mark Coulier (body) Mark Silk (voice)Gran
Peeter Serafinowicz (voice)B1 Battle Droid
Michonne BourriagueNear-Human

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