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Can you fill in the missing lyrics from Dan 'DJ Howell's' disstrack?

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Forced Order
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LyricsMissing Lyrics
A month without _____
he comes back with a _____
That no one even _____ him in
He's not a challenge to _____ (ouch)
So prepare for an _____
And by that I mean _____ (oh)
'Cause the m*****f****r's about to get _____ __ ___ _____
First thing's first, you're _____ _____
It's weird, you look like a _____ (true)
You've got hair that was cool in ____
And wet you just look like a _____ (hobbit)
Throw in a really _____ _____ _____ and
Yup, that's _____ (posh)
You're what would happen if _____ ___ _____
f****d ______
LyricsMissing Lyrics
You procrastinate making _____
'Cause getting _____ is scary (oooh)
You're so close to being _____
The hate's _____ (whoa)
The only reason you get _____
Is you're another _____ ___
That people ship with his _____
'Cause they think it's _____! Oh?
[Reasons why Dan's a ____!] (yay)
I'll give you ____ (gasps)
You never _____
You _____
All you do is _____ ___ _____
Your jokes are s***posts and _____
With no _____
LyricsMissing Lyrics
Your family's sad you _____
Your law degree at _____
And anything _____ that's from your past
You just _____
You were _____ for three weeks
Then what? You missed the ____?
Wow, I'm so ______
by your _____ _______
You try so hard to be ______
and _____
But you can't make toast without _____ saying you're
(gasp) I could __ __
There's more if I _____
There's more things on this _____
LyricsMissing Lyrics
Than _____ __ ____ ____
On your birthday you _____
you were a quarter way to _____
A _____? Yeah
When getting out of bed makes you out of _____?
So your celebrity crush was _-___
and now its ____ _.? (mhh)
What the f*** even is your ______?
It's hard to put you in a ___
When you keep it so _____ (what is that?)
I think it's just to ____
That you're _____ _ _____ (cough)
I'm gonna go and m********e then cry into a _____ __ _____
(feelings) Shout out to the other _________
Especially ____ ____
LyricsMissing Lyrics
A cringe ______
mixed with ______ _______
Met with no _______
It's the YouTuber _____
Click _____
If you wanna watch ____ videos a year (or three)
To see my last one (from __ _____ ___)
just _____ over here (fail)
So leave a _____
with your _____
You can call me a ____
'Cause you just witnessed the ____ of

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