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Uncle's NameThe Pony Remark/The Package/The Bookstore
The only person who suspected that he got a head start in a raceThe Race
Loves this SuperheroThe Stock Tip/The Bizarro Jerry/The Watch
He Would have been friends with this dictator if he had had a ping-pong tableMale Unbonding
Mother's NameThe Stake Out/The Cadillac/The Money
ArchenemyThe Suicide/The Scofflaw/The Pilot
NeighborThe Seinfeld Chronicles/Male Unbonding/The Robbery
His ex girlfriend whom he is now best friends withMale Unbonding/The Stake Out/The Robbery
He and George are writing a sitcom for this networkThe Pitch/The Ticket/The Pilot
CousinThe Pony Remark/The Glasses
Kramer makes a sculpture of him out of this pastaThe ------- Jerry/The Reverse Peephole
He and George's best guess for Dolores' nameThe Junior Mint/The Engagement
This type of Chees can not be stored in his refrigeratorThe Robbery
Father's NameThe Stake Out/The Cadillac/The Raincoats
Uncle's NameThe Stake Out
He becomes one of these to people he barely knowsThe Bris
Is accused of taking out this book in 1971The Library
He makes out with Rachel during this holocaust dramaThe Raincoats

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