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The friend who you never see but here a lot aboutThe Heart Attack/The Fix-Up/The Wizard
The friend who was in the portajohn in 'the betrayal'The Betrayal/The Fatigues
The friend who gets horse meat from his butcher The Seven
What he served as a dinner on the Peterman Reality tourThe Muffin Tops
And for dessert ?The Muffin Tops
How much did he charge for the tour?The Muffin Tops
Kramer used to do this during the summerThe Muffin Tops
Where he used to work that went on strike for 12 yearsThe Strike
MotherThe Switch
Original name!The Seinfeld Chronicles/The Betrayal
This newswoman's voice makes him have siezuresThe Good Samaritan
he hasnt had a good what in 13 yearsThe Slicer
Called this a couple of times once by ElaineThe Handicapped Spot/The Glasses
Is Said to have this fictional curse in 'The Conversion'.The Conversion
Kramer is scared of theeseThe Opera/The Gymnast/The Slicer
He refuses to wear this at an AIDS walkThe Sponge
He thought that this charity was a money laundering schemeThe Susie
He put this machine in his showerThe Apology
He claims his apartment will look like this when he puts up wood wallpaperThe Pony Remark
His rooster's nameThe Little Jerry
What he made Jerry's pasta sculpture out ofThe Fusilli Jerry
What he said he was going to make George's pasta sculpture out ofThe Fusilli Jerry
What he made Bette Midler's pasta sculpture out ofThe Understudy
What he wanted to call the Bra for menThe Doorman/The Fusilli Jerry
He has a book that had this description of the Andrea Doria wreckThe Andrea Doria
An alias used in 'The Millenium', and 'The Puerto Rican Day'.The Millenium/The Puerto Rican Day
Got this alias in a mixup with a proctologistThe Fusilli Jerry
Becomes a model for this garment for Calvin KleinThe Pick

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