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Can you name the actors/actresses who have appeared in both Star Wars and Doctor Who?

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DW RoleActor/ActressSW Role
Mr. SinDroopy McCool
The MinotaurDarth Vader
KyBiggs Darklighter
The Ood*Ki-Adi-Mundi
King YrcanosBoss Nass
Solana MercurioQueen Jamillia
Professor SondergaardLobot
The 10th DoctorProfessor Huyang*
DW RoleActor/ActressSW Role
CalibChief Bast
Dr. Who (non-canon)Grand Moff Tarkin
Captain Adelaide BrookeTC-14*
Supervisor LoweAdmiral Ozzel
Richard I of England/ScarothGeneral Veers
Hal the ArcherBoba Fett
SolomonCaptain Panaka

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