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Can you name the Jerry's Girlfriends (Seinfeld)?

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'The Seinfeld Chronicles'Pamela Brull
'The Stakeout'Julia Louise Dreyfus
'The Stakeout'/'The Stock Tip'Lynn Clark
'The Ex-Girlfriend'Tracey Kolis
'The Baby ShowerMargaret Reed
'The Suicide'Gina Gallego
'The Good Samaritan'Melinda McGraw
'The Letter'Catherine Keener
'The Watch'Jessica Lundy
'The Cheever Letters'Lisa Malkiewicz
'The Virgin'/'The Contest'Jane Leeves
'The Airport'Jennifer Campbell
'The Shoes'Anita Barone
'The Junior Mint'Susan Walters
'The Implant'Teri Hatcher
'The Outing'Paula Marshall
'The Pilot Part 1'Elena Wohl
'The Glasses'Anna Gunn
'The Lip-Reader'Marlie Mattin
'The Masseuse'Jennifer Coolidge
'The Cigar Store Indian'Kimberly Norris-Guerrero
'The Conversion'Kimberly Campbell
'The Stall'Jamie Gertz
'The Pie'Suzanne Snyder
'The Wife'Courtney Cox
'The Raincoats Part 1'/'The Raincoats Part 2'/'The Hamptons'/'The Opposite'Melanie Smith
'The Chaperone'Marguerite MacIntyre
'The Chinese Woman'Angela Dohrmann
'The Gymnast'Elina Löwensohn
'The Race'Renee Props
'The Switch'Jann Karam
'The Beard'Katherine LaNassa
'The Doodle'Dana Wheely-Nicholson
'The Diplomat's Club'Berta Wagsfjord
'The Understudy'Addelaide Miller
'The Wink'Stacy Travis
'The Soup Nazi'Alexandra Wentsworth
'The Sponge'Jennifer Guthrie
'The Caddy'Brenda Strong
'The Seven'Lisa Deanne
'The Friar's Club'Samantha Smith
'The Calzone'Danette Tays
''The Wait Our'/'The Yada Yada'Debra Messing
'The Invitations'Janeane Garofalo
'The Soul Mate'Kim Myers
'The Bizzarro Jerry'Kristin Bauer
'The Fatigues'A.J. Langer
'The Comeback'Ivana Miličević
'The Van Buren Boys'N/A
'The Van Buren Boys'Christine Taylor
'The Pothole'Kristin Davis
'The Millennium'Lauren Graham
'The Muffin Tops'Melinda Clarke
'The Summer of George'Amanda Peete
'The Voice'Rose Peterson
'The Serenity Now'Lori Loughlin
'The Merv Griffin Show'Julia Pennington
'The Slicer'Marcia Cross
'The Betrayl'Justine Miceli
'The Apology'Kathleen McClellen
'The Strike'Karen Fineman
'The Reverse Peephole'Janette Robbins
'The Burning'Cindy Ambuehi
'The Frogger'Julia Campbell
'The Maid'Angela Featherstone

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