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Season 1
Three Girls are Turned into mermaids on Mako Island during a full moon 
The Girls get invited to Miriam's pool party. 
Cleo accidentally gets caught in a fishing net while trying to rescue turtles. 
Emma is determined to throw her annual sleepover. 
Cleo's diary falls into the wrong hands: Kim and Elliot. 
Elliot falls for Rikki after she saved his life. 
The Full Moon wreaks havok on Emma 
A Marine Biologist threatens the girls. 
Rikki accidentally gets into an illegal fish selling business 
Zane beleives he has been attacked by a shark. 
Byron wishes for Emma to coach him in swimming 
The Full Moon turnes Emma into a siren. 
Mrs. Chatham's house-boat is condemned and the girls want to help. 
Cleo worries about her birthday party. 
Emma accidentally freezes Miriam solid. 
Cleo's parents believe that she has a secret boyfriend 
The girls fake being sick to avoid the rain. 
The full Moon takes it's toll on Rikki. 
Cleo's Cousin Angela wreaks havok on her life and her job. 
Lewis enlists Cleo in a fishing competition 
Emma dyes her hair red. 
Emma and Cleo think that Rikki is dating Zane 
Miriam's locket is the same as Emma and Cleo's 
Lewis developes a waterproofing spray. 
Dr. Denman is back and finds proof of the mermaids. 
The girls give up thier powers to shake Dr. Denman. 
Season 2
The girls' powers get revamped 
The girls practice controling their new powers. 
Cleo steals Charlotte's diary 
Emma accidentally throws a party 
Lewis finds out that the girls can grant wishes 
Cleo and Kim try to sabotage a date  
Ronnie goes missing and Lewis is to blame 
Zane and Nate accidentally break Rikki's dad's motorcycle 
Emma takes Elliot to a equestrian lesson and is attracted to the teacher. 
Cleo fails a biology exam so Charlotte has to tutor her. 
Rikki and Zane look for a treasure 
Emma cuts herself on coral that makes her turn ferrel. 
The girls go on a camping trip with Lewis and Charlotte. 
Emma competes with Ash at the JuiceNet Cafe. 
Ambegris makes Nate desirable to the girls. 
Elliot and Kim go on a date with Lewis and Cleo as their chaperones. 
Cleo and Rikki get influenced by the full moon. 
A Fued between Zane and Ash influences the girls. 
Charlotte sets off to discover the truth about her grandmother. 
Charlotte turnes into a mermaid. 
The Girls agree to accept Charlotte into their group. 
Charlotte turns against the girls. 
Cleo runs away and Lewis helps her 
Charlotte forbids Lewis to communicate with the girls, especially Cleo 
The GIrls try to take away Charlotte's powers. 
Season 3
With Emma gone, Bella joins the group. 
Rikki stalks Lewis who is getting close to Mako 
The Moon Pool changes. 
Valentine's day may tear apart Rikki and Zane's relationship. 
Zane comes up with a scheme to make money for the Cafe 
Lewis studies the water from the moon pool. 
Cleo hates Don's new girlfriend. 
Rikki is kidnapped by a man who uses counterfeit money. 
The Girls try to contain the floating water. 
Will finds out about Bella's mermaid secret 
Sophie pushes Will too hard. 
Cleo and Bella give a glass statue of a mermaid to Rikki. 
Lewis leaves for America 
The Girls think that a crystal may provide the moon pool's magic. 
Sophie steals Bella's idea. 
Rikki finds out that she can control the water tentacle. 
Rikki bonds with the tentacle. 
Ryan is on the scent of the moon pool. 
Rikki sees Zane and Sophie kissing. 
Sophie reigns as manager of Rikki's. 
The necklaces cause a blackout. 
The Girls see a projection of a comet coming towards Earth. 
Sophie tries to get closer to Zane 
Don threatens Cleo's job at the marine park. 
The Girls discover that the comet is heading for the moon pool and they can stop it. 
The Girls are able to force the comet away and Lewis is back. 

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