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Can you complete the four-letter word ladder about puppies?

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What a dog does when it's hot
Desire but not necessarily need
Weaken; also a moon phase
Dog breed Great ____
Popular dog treat
What you boop, synonymous to snoot
Strike this for the camera
Prop used in a jumping sports event
Seed capsule cotton grows in
What dogs eat and drink from
NASDAQ symbol for Powell Industries
Mechanism that makes a cogwheel turn one way
Pups have four of these
Gently touches, particularly on the head or back
Places something in a particular place
Strike a golf ball gently
General term for a mixed-breed dog
Silence the volume
A jack and a mare's baby
Tug; move towards oneself
To whimper
Hungarian shaggy-coated dog breed
Controversial part of orange juice
Device that moves liquids, such as fuel
Hind of an animal
Boisterous play
Give away as part of a promotion
Place to keep chickens
Cut into small pieces
Delicious snack using cereal: Puppy __
What puppies love to do to shoes

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