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QUIZ: Can you guess the titles of these works based on their characters?

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Miss Parker, Jarod, Sydney
Kurtz, Marlow, The Intended
Mary, Colin, Mr. Craven
Mayor Shinn, Harold, Tommy
Mary Elizabeth, Sam, Charlie
Phil, Vivian, Hilary
Lockwood, Hindley, Nelly
Lady Rosaline, Don Adriano de Armado, Sir Nathaniel
Sean, Ted, Cheryl
Edward, Vivian, Kit
Nick, Daisy, Jordan
Dorothy, Blanche, Rose
Duncan, Banquo, Donalbain
Karen, Muriel, Mimsey
Erik, Christine, Raoul
Jackie, Donna, Eric
Famous Actress, Earnest Young Woman, Alfred (mention-only)
Barney, Opey, Aunt Bee
Aimee, Sutter, Cassidy
Maurice, Phillipe, Cogsworth
Lilli, Fred, Lois
Jim, Pap, the Duke
Eckels, Travis, Keith
Ricky, Ethel, Fred
Cilia, Johnny, Rab
Tom, McKenzie, Paul
Marius, Cosette, Eponine
Margo, Quentin, Radar
Jess, Nick, Winston
Lyla, Louis, Evan
Amber, Link, Tracy
June, Ward, Wally
Travis, Bay, Kathryn
Brent, Lacey, Hank
Emily, Howard, Jerry
Hanson, Penhall, Ioki
Curly, Laurey, Ado Annie
Hank, Merlin, Sagramore
Gil, Bubbles, Crush
Elizabeth, Jane, Mr. Darcy
Meg, Jo, Laurie
Dean, Jess, Logan
Vronsky, Dolly, Kitty

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