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Forced Order
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The name of the show?
How many are the liars?
Whats the name of da dead liar (s01)?
Who as pink stripes in the hair?
Who had Ben as boyfriend?
Who loves to shoplift with her A Bff?
Which sister loves to steal their boyfriend?
Whose the biggest A of them all?
What was founded in Paige purse by Hanna?
What boyfriend becamed A for love?
Who is the black widow?
Who is the mother of spencer?
How many kids has Peter Hastings?
Which charater lost their head Literally?
Who came to life in the dollhouse?
Who is blind and cannot ear?
Who got killed on the Fitzgerald Theater?
Where did Alison appear to Hanna (s01)?
Who is the singer on the halloween train?
What did Ashley Marin hide behind the sink?
Who went to ravenswood for little time?
What does A do to the liars?
Who got pigs skin?
The name of the boy who lied about kissing Aria?
What did Alison and Jenna wear on halloween?
What did alison give to the girls as a gift?
Did Aria hooked up with jason?
Who pushed Marion Cavanaugh from Radley?
Whose the criator of Pretty Little Liars?
Who makes the shhhhh?

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