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Can you name the countries by their national leaders in 1940?

Quiz Updated Sep 6, 2016

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Edwin Barclay
İsmet İnönü
Joseph Stalin
Michael Joseph Savage
Hubert Pierlot
Boris III
Antanas Smetona
Farouk I
William Lyon Mackenzie King
Gheorghe Tătărescu
Thorvald Stauning
Miklós Horthy
Getúlio Vargas
Neville Chamberlain
Francisco Franco
Khorloogiin Choibalsan
António de Oliveira Salazar
Benito Mussolini
Mohammed Zahir Shah
Édouard Daladier
Konstantin Päts
Dirk Jan de Geer
Robert Menzies
Ioannis Metaxas
Chiang Kai-shek
Johan Nygaardsvold
Jan Smuts
Jozef Tiso
Risto Ryti
Reza Shah Pahlavi
Franklin D. Roosevelt
Adolf Hitler
Roberto María Ortiz
Ibn Saud
Plaek Phibunsongkhram
Éamon de Valera
Prince Paul
Kārlis Ulmanis
Lázaro Cárdenas

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