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Birth year
Birth date
Birth place
Father's politcal views
Religious views
Benito's politcal views before WW1
Country he emigrated to in 1902
He emigrated to avoid...
First wife
Son with first wife
Second wife
Eldest son with 2nd wife
Middle son with 2nd wife
Youngest son with 2nd wife
Elder daughter
Younger daughter
First newspaper he edited
Second newspaper he edited
Third newspaper he edited
Italian policy he criticised in 1914, leading to his expulsion
Newspaper he founded in 1914
Political party he founded
Paramilitary group named after uniforms
Predecessor as Prime Minister
Year appointed Prime Minister
Event that led to his appointment
Date of above event
Treaty creating above country
Independent country created by Mussolini
King who appointed him
Socialist murderered after denouncing Mussolini's party's violence
Name given to living space for Italians
Title he gave himself
Year he outlawed all other parties
Secret police
First attempted assassin
Second attempted assassin
Third attempted assassin
Initiative encouraging the public to donate gold
Name of alliance with Germany and Japan
German ally
Country Mussolini planned to invade in 1933
Country Mussolini planned to invade in 1933
Country invaded in 1935
Country he invaded in 1939
Country he disastrously invaded in 1940
British colony invaded in 1940
Italian colony above invasion was launched from
Name of ensuing conflict
Country he disastrously invaded in 1941
Year dismissed as Prime Minister
Successor as Prime Minister
Place he was imprisoned
Year of death
German puppet state he led after being rescued
Date of death
Cause of death
Mistress who died with him
City where his corpse was displayed
Place of death

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